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Mexico – Finca Nueva Linda (Rainforest Alliance)


If you’re looking for a specialty coffee that is versatile and boasts a unique flavor profile, look no further than our Mexico coffee. Grown in one of the most renowned coffee-producing regions in the world, this coffee is distinct from other coffees due to its rich history and unique growing conditions.

Mexico coffee is typically grown at high altitudes, which contributes to its bright acidity and distinct flavor notes. The coffee is often shade-grown, which allows for a slower maturation process and a more nuanced flavor profile. In addition, the soil in the region is rich in volcanic minerals, which contributes to the coffee’s unique flavor and aroma.

Our Mexico coffee is a true workhorse in our collection, and for good reason. It offers a well-rounded flavor profile that is expressed no matter how it is brewed. The beans produce a rich, full-bodied cold brew that is a customer favorite, but it also makes a fantastic pour-over or single-origin espresso shot.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a delicious cup of coffee to start your day, our Mexico coffee is sure to impress. Its unique flavor profile, versatility, and rich history make it a must-try for any coffee lover. So why wait? Grab a bag of our Mexico coffee today and experience the best that this region has to offer!

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